About us

Ing. Caroline Macholda-Zingel

In 1932 Vilma Frankl-Mihalek started her production of typical Viennese Petit Point hand embroidery.  In the 4th generation, Ing. Caroline Macholda-Zingel took over the family-run business in 2016 and has been running the Vienna Petit Point since. It has always been one of our biggest credos to keep the personal contact with our clients and fulfil their special wishes. 
The manufacture Vienna Petit Point is one of the last of its kind and employs between 100 and 200 workers depending on the season. 


The outstanding hand embroideries of the Vienna Petit Point manufacture are worked in accessories like hand-bags, compacts, purses, specs cases and bijouterie. The options are as diverse as you imaginations. Tell us your preferences and we make you wish come true. 

Hand Embroidery

As all pieces are hand-made, the production time is quite big. 
The finalisation of a handbag whose theme contains over 650 different color shadings might take up to 6 months. This might also be a reason why it is getting harder and harder to find people who want to do that job. An experienced embroideress can do between 600 und 800 stitches per hour on a maximum of 4 hours per day. Depending on the season, Vienna Petit Point employs around 200 workers to ensure that this Viennese tradition is kept alive.